Press contacts

Media enquiries:  AP 7157

Media enquiries

Network Rail is divided into eight geographical areas called routes.

Scroll down to find contact details for your area.

Urgent out-of-hours 0330 333 1800

London stations: london 360

London stations

Network Rail manages all the major stations in London. Each falls under a different route with their own press office.

National journalists should call 020 3356 8700

Urgent out-of-hours 0330 333 1800

Filming policy: Please note prior permission from the press office is required before filming in our stations. Following passenger feedback, we don't allow vox-pops in our stations at any time.

Documentaries: Landscape Photograph of the Year 'Lines in the landscape' Award winner 2016 - Francis Taylor


Please submit your pitch, in under 500 words to Lexie Jenkins / 0330 854 3836

Include details of:

  • Who has commissioned the documentary
  • What channel it's for
  • Likely broadcast time and date
  • Your budget
  • When and where you want to film
  • The level of access and support you require
  • Key messages and purpose of the piece

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