Anglia runs on rail: New figures show the full extent of the rail industry’s contribution to the East of England: Cambridge North aerial shot

Thursday 30 Mar 2017

Anglia runs on rail: New figures show the full extent of the rail industry’s contribution to the East of England

  • Network Rail supports around 13,690 local jobs in the East of England and last year £611.51 million was spent with 258 local businesses
  • Every weekday 190,000 passengers travel with Greater Anglia from 132 stations. The company is committed to improving the service with more trains, faster journeys and more seats, spending £1.4 billion on all new trains
  • £100 million spent every single week by Network Rail on improving the railway in Britain

The rail industry, including Network Rail and Greater Anglia are working together to deliver a record £50 billion plus investment in Britain’s railway. This investment supports jobs, growth and drives development, re-generation and unlocks housing supply in the East of England.

Richard Schofield, Network Rail’s route managing director for Anglia, said: “As part of delivering record investment in the railway, Network Rail is supporting around 13,690 jobs across the East of England spending money with 258 local businesses.

“The railway is vital to economic growth. That’s why Network Rail is spending £100 million every week in Britain on our Railway Upgrade Plan. Here in the East of England we are spending £633 million annually to provide a safe, reliable railway. A great example of this plan in action is the new station we’re building in Cambridge.”

The new station at Cambridge North, set to open in May this year, will see 3,000 passenger journeys a day and improve access to the north of the region. It is expected that the station will encourage new businesses to the area as well as aid the expansion of existing businesses, and encourage additional employment opportunities.

Mr Schofield added: “We intend to keep contributing to the economy in the East of England, working with local businesses and creating jobs for local people on improving the railway to bring more connectivity and even more prosperity to all.”

Jamie Burles managing director of Greater Anglia, said: “We are investing heavily in the railway in East Anglia. We’re spending £1.4 billion on all new trains as well as £60 million on improving stations and £120 million on new and improved depots, such as at Brantham.

“We are confident that this investment will not only improve service for our customers, but contribute to economic growth in the area, as we will be able to transport more people to and from work, support the leisure and tourism industry in East Anglia and boost jobs in the area.”

Paul Plummer, chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, which represents train operators as well as Network Rail, said: “Train companies and Network Rail are working hard together to improve journeys for the millions of passengers who use the railway every year in the East of England. The result is going to be more trains running to more places, more often, creating new opportunities and supporting jobs, like at Cambridge North. These improvements will help keep everyone in the East of England moving and help to support a growing local economy.”

The delivery of record, £50billion plus investment in Britain’s railway is being showcased as part of a public awareness drive known as Britain Runs on Rail, which aims to increase understanding among taxpayers and passengers about how their money is being spent to improve the railway. Britain Runs on Rail is organised by the Rail Delivery Group, which represents train operators and Network Rail.

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