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Media enquiries:  AP 7157

Network Rail is divided into eight geographical regions called ‘routes’

Each route has its own press office

There is also a national press office handling corporate, trade and national media issues

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Urgent out-of-hours press emergencies call 0330 333 1800

The media team is available between 8am and 6pm on weekdays

Corporate, National and Trade
National press office 020 3356 8700
Twitter @NetworkRail


Katie Mack 07734649281


London North Eastern & East Midlands
Toby Higgins 01904 383 180 
Amy Brenndorfer 01904 383 180 


London North Western
Simon Masters 0330 854 0100 


Nick King 0141 555 4109 


South East
Chris Denham 020 3357 7969
Carl Ferguson 020 3357 7969


Nichole Sarra 07710940248
Hannah McCarthy 07710940248


Owen Johns 07710959476 


Dean Shaw 01793 389 749
James Crook 01793 389 749

Latest news for this region

Parliamentary visit to European Train Control System test centre: Martin Vickers with the Hitachi ETCS driving simulator

Parliamentary visit to European Train Control System test centre

Tuesday 2 Feb 2016

Senior members of the All Party Parliamentary Rail Group (APPG) visited the ETCS (European Train Control System) National Integration Facility (ENIF) to learn about Network Rail’s Digital Railway Programme and test Hitachi’s ETCS driving simulator.