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Network Rail is working to restore rail services through Kilmarnock as soon as possible following a signalling centre fire on Christmas Day. The fire, which the British Transport Police (BTP) believes was started deliberately, has caused the suspension of a number of services in the area. David Simpson, Network Rail’s route director for Scotland, said: “This deliberate act of vandalism has virtually destroyed the signalling centre and will mean disruption for passengers in and around Kilmarnock. Network Rail will work closely with BTP to apprehend those responsible. “We are doing everything we can, in partnership with First ScotRail, to restore services for passengers as soon as possible. It is a very large task but our engineers are making good progress on repairs.” First ScotRail stressed that part of the recovery process will involve replacing train services between Glasgow Central and Kilmarnock, Dumfries and Carlisle with buses on Tuesday 2 January. Passengers are advised to check service information before travel - available from First ScotRail ( or 0845 601 5929) or National Rail Enquiries ( or 08457 48 49 50).

Notes to editors

First ScotRail service alterations Sunday 31 December Services from Glasgow Central to and from Kilmarnock will run as booked. Services from Glasgow Central to/from Carlisle via Dumfries will start/terminate at Kilmarnock, with a replacement bus service between Kilmarnock and Dumfries/Carlisle. Glasgow-Kilmarnock services will run hourly from 0848 until 2240 and Kilmarnock-Glasgow services will run hourly from 0935 to 1935. A bus will depart Carlisle at 1300 and Dumfries at 1425 and at 1935 from Carlisle and 2046 from Dumfries – all for Glasgow. Tuesday 2 January: Train services between Glasgow Central and Kilmarnock/Dumfries/Carlisle will be replaced by a bus service. Buses from Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock/Dumfries and Carlisle will run direct from Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock ( Gordon Street), then call at booked stations to Carlisle. Buses will also operate between Barrhead and Kilmarnock in both directions calling at Dunlop, Stewarton and Kilmaurs. Passengers travelling from Glasgow Central to these stations are advised to travel on the local Barrhead services and change at Barrhead for the bus connection. Where applicable bus replacement services will operate between Kilmarnock and Ayr/Girvan. Trains will run where applicable between Dumfries and Carlisle in both directions. Bus times Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock/Carlisle Glasgow Central – Kilmarnock: 0828, 0903, 0953, 1103, 1303, 1403, 1503, 1648, 1730, 1803, 1903, 2003,2103, and 2203 Glasgow Central-Newcastle – 1548, via Kilmarnock then booked stops to Carlisle. Glasgow Central-Carlisle – 2203, via Kilmarnock and booked stops to Carlisle. Kilmarnock-Glasgow Central – 0912, 1004, 1050, 1150, 1250, 1350, 1456, 1548, 1647, 1731, 1850, 1950, 2050, 2150, 2250 Bus times – Carlisle/Kilmarnock to Glasgow Central Carlisle-Glasgow – 1850, stopping as booked to Kilmarnock then as required to Glasgow Central Kilmarnock –Glasgow Central – 2250, calling at Kilmaurs, Stewarton, Dunlop and Barrhead Bus times – Barrhead to Kilmarnock Barrhead-Kilmarnock – hourly from 0840 until 1640, then 1810, 1840, 1955, 2055, 2155 and 2255. Bus times – Kilmarnock-Barrhead Kilmarnock-Barrhead – 0912, 1004, 1050, 1150, 1250, 1307, 1350, 1`456, 1548, 1647, 1731, 1850, 1950, 2050, 2150 Alterations to services from Stranraer/Girvan/Ayr to and from Kilmarnock/Carlisle Stranraer-Newcastle – 1000, terminates at Ayr with bus replacement service departing 1130 to Carlisle calling at Troon, Kilmarnock and stations as booked to Carlisle. Newcastle-Stranraer – 1239, starts from Ayr with a bus replacement service to depart from Carlisle at 1422 to Stranraer, calling at all booked stations to Ayr and setting down as required to Stranraer. Kilmarnock-Stranraer – 0910, a bus replacement service will depart Kilmarnock calling at booked stations to Ayr then as required to Girvan. Train service not booked to run through to Stranraer. Stranraer-Glasgow Central – 1148, starts from Girvan with bus replacement from Ayr at 1320 calling at all booked stations to Kilmarnock Girvan-Kilmarnock – 1848, with bus replacement departing Ayr at 1920 can calling at booked stations to Kilmarnock. Bus times Carlisle/Kilmarnock to /from Ayr/Girvan/Stranraer Kilmarnock-Girvan – 0910 and 0955, calls at Troon, Prestwick Airport, Prestwick Town, Ayr, Maybole (set down only) and Girvan. Ayr-Kilmarnock – 1320, calling at Prestwick Town, Prestwick Airport and Troon Carlisle-Stranraer – 1422, stopping as booked to Kilmarnock then Troom, Ayr and stops as required to Stranraer Ayr-Kilmarnock – 1920, calls Prestwick Town, Prestwick Airport and Troon Kilmarnock-Ayr – 2244, calls at Troon, Prestwick Airport and Prestwick Town.

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