New radio campaign promotes safety as Glasgow - Barrhead line goes live: Barrhead Electrification August 23 - 1-2

Tuesday 10 Oct 2023

New radio campaign promotes safety as Glasgow - Barrhead line goes live

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Network Rail has launched a radio campaign tomorrow (Wednesday 11 October), to warn the public that overhead power equipment on the Glasgow-Barrhead line is live.

As engineers now enter a testing and safety validating process on the Barrhead electrification project, a two-week campaign will run on Clyde FM to highlight the change to the railway environment.

It’s all part of a wider campaign to promote safe use of the railway while warning of the dangers of trespassing.

Overhead power cables carry 25,000 volts of electricity, so trespassing onto the railway and getting too close to the overhead line equipment is extremely dangerous and can be fatal.

Paul Reilly, senior programme manager at Network Rail, said: “Energisation is the culmination of the work we have been delivering over the last two years, as we now test the new overhead equipment and ensure it is operating as it should.

“Electrification introduces a substantial change to the railway environment in terms of risk for those living or working near to the newly electrified route, which is why safety is Network Rail’s priority.

“Since February of this year, through our industry partner Learn Live, we’ve been taking the safety message into the classroom by delivering workshops to primary and secondary schools and raising awareness on how to stay safe.

“Our radio campaign is just one way we’re making people, particularly young people, aware of this change and encouraging them to stay safe near the railway. Overhead power lines carry 25,000 volts of electricity – enough to kill anyone who comes into contact with them.

“Our message is clear - electrified lines are always on, so always stay off.”

In addition to the radio campaign, more than 4,000 safety leaflets were distributed through every door in lineside communities over the summer. Every school along the line of route will receive the safety leaflet as a follow on from workshops delivered earlier in the year.

Through social media, safety messaging will continue in the run up to the project completing and ahead of the introduction of new electric trains on the route from December of this year.

A range of resources are available on Network Rail’s website, including Rail Life, an initiative aimed at young people which provides teachers and parents with information on rail safety issues. Further information can be found at Rail Safety Resources.

The Glasgow-Barrhead route is being electrified as part of a wider Scottish Government investment to decarbonise Scotland’s railway passenger services.

If you have any questions about the project, you can contact Network Rail’s 24-hour national helpline on 03457 11 41 41. For the latest information and progress updates follow on Twitter @NetworkRailScot or visit

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