Leyton man to appear in new Channel 5 documentary series: Dexter Brown, shift station manager at Network Rail

Tuesday 14 Mar 2017

Leyton man to appear in new Channel 5 documentary series

London North Eastern & East Midlands

Dexter Brown, a shift station manager for Network Rail at King’s Cross, appears in a new documentary series which goes behind the scenes of the rail industry.

The show follows railway workers on the East Coast Main Line as they deal with major incidents which are causing disruption on the railway, carry out engineering works and help passengers at various stations.

In last night’s episode, Dexter, who has worked for Network Rail for fourteen years, was seen helping passengers who were trapped in a lift.

He said: “Helping people comes naturally to me and it’s great to show everyone the type of incidents that we deal with on a day to day basis.

“Getting passengers home safe is our number one priority and it’s really important to keep calm in stressful stations to ensure that we make the right decision at the right time.

“I’m keen to show passengers how Network Rail works behind the scenes to keep them safe and all the hard work we put in with the rest of the rail industry to make sure that their journey runs smoothly.

“I’m really glad that I got the chance to be involved in the documentary. All my friends and family are excited to see it- they keep telling everyone! We are all going to sit down and watch it together.”

The second episode of Inside King’s Cross: The Railway aired last night on Channel 5 at 21:00

If you missed it, you can catch-up online.

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