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About Our Major Projects

Our vision is a better railway for a better Britain. This means delivering a railway that is safer, more reliable and more efficient than ever before, and that will help to build a thriving, sustainable economy. Britain’s railway does more than transport passengers and goods. It brings people and businesses closer together, which creates new jobs, opens up new markets and stimulates economic growth. So we must aim to provide the best possible service to everyone who relies on the railway – passengers, the train operating companies and businesses nation-wide.

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About Thameslink Programme

The Thameslink Programme is transforming north-south travel through London. When the Thameslink Programme completes in 2018, journeys will be improved, with new spacious trains every two to three minutes through central London at peak times. Improved connections will give you better travel options to more destinations than ever before and modern track and trains will make your journeys more reliable. The government-sponsored Thameslink Programme also includes the rebuild of London Bridge station to create more space, with great facilities, making it easier to use.

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About Crossrail

Crossrail Limited is building a new railway for London and the South East, running from Reading and Heathrow in the west, through 42km of new tunnels under London to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. The project is building 10 new stations and upgrading 30 more, while integrating new and existing infrastructure. The £14.8 billion Crossrail project is currently Europe’s largest infrastructure project. Construction began in 2009 at Canary Wharf, and is now almost 75% complete. It is being delivered on time and within funding.

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Northern Hub

Our plan to stimulate economic growth in the north of England through better connections between key towns and cities. The Northern Programme is a series of targeted upgrades to the railway in the north of England. It will allow hundreds more trains to run each day and provide space for millions more passengers a year.

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